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GxAlert uses SSL certificate from GoDaddy. All Windows versions after Windows XP have this Certificate Authority listed in Certificates list, or, if not - may update list on the fly.

But Windows XP SP3 does not have root certificate issued by 'Go Daddy' - and because Vodafone rejects traffic to non-GxAlert resources and because Windows XP is not supported by Microsoft any more there is no other way to have this CA listed than import it manually.

Otherwise GxConnect can not use HTTPS to transmit data.

BTW, here is a short article explaining why since 2014 to 2017 all CA's changed there certificates, and why SP3 of Windows XP is required to be able to connect GxAlert via SSL -

So, this root certificate should be imported manually in a right path of Certificates folders.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Make sure you have admin rights in Windows XP 
  2. Download correct GoDaddy Root Certificate from or use attached one (which is second one in DER Format)
  3. Follow below steps with screenshots.

Open Certificates tab in "Internet Options" (this is accessible via Internet Explorer, menu 'Tools', 


Make sure there is no "Go Daddy" root certificate listed - if there is one or more certificates issued by GoDaddy, then delete them.

If you have GoDaddy listed but GxConnect still can not work via HTTPS - then delete all items with substtring 'Go Daddy'.This is needed to make sure you got rid of previously imported correpted or non-root certificates, or imported to the wrong location.

Click "Import" button and upload attached certificate file.

Notice that checksum Thumbprint (sha1) in a below confirmation window has same value as on

Answer "Yes" in confirmation window.

Notice 'Go Daddy' root certificate is listed in the "Trusted Root Certification Authoritie" tab:

After this change URL and see connection succeeded in GxConnect Advanced Settings:

Another program to use for reviewing certificates and importing new ones is snap-in certificate manager - certmgr.msc

Right-mouse click on selected Certificates node in left tree - and under menu 'Actions' select option Import. This opens same form for importing new certificate as described above.